The World’s Leading Smart City Living Lab

KAUST is the perfect place to test smart city concepts with speed and in a real-life yet controlled environment, before they are launched to the world. Because of this unique setup, our work will have an impact far beyond our walls.


KAUST Smart is the enabler of KAUST’s immersive, user-centric experience, applying and integrating technologies with the aim of delivering easy, intuitive experiences. We combine deep intellectual curiosity with the unique opportunity our standalone city-campus affords us to encourage everyone who lives at, visits or works with KAUST to imagine, play, explore, experiment and create together. KAUST Smart is the perfect place to test Smart City concepts before they are launched into the world. And, because of this unique setup, our work will have impact far beyond our walls.



At the heart of what we do is curiosity.And what makes us different is our ability to make real the ideas that come from that questioning.That is what makes things happen. It is what creates the amazing experiences all around us at KAUST.


KAUST Smart is the world’s leading science and technology smart community. By fusing our combined intellectual strength with the unique opportunity our place affords us, amazing ideas are born and built.

KAUST Smart is not ‘a place’, but it is a thing rooted in its place. Without KAUST’s unique standalone campus setup, KAUST Smart would not exist.

KAUST Smart is an idea, a mindset that will live and inspire far beyond the borders of KAUST but it can never be separated from KAUST.

KAUST Smart is made from KAUST.




Autonomous Vehicle-Announcment
Autonomous Experiences
KAUST Smart and Community Life are excited to invite community members to experience and shape the future of package and food deliveries through multiple autonomous delivery pilots. These pilots are being carried out jointly between KAUST Smart and The National Digital Transformation Unit (NDU) to exchange knowledge and expertise in digital transformation and emerging technologies Together, KAUST Smart, NDU, Community Life, and various industry and technology partners have come together to launch and test autonomous delivery by running two pilots: -Self-driving vehicle for package delivery -Drones for food delivery
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Living Experiences
Dining Experiences
Autonomous Shuttles